Water weight: causes,  side-effects, and Remedies

“​Water weight” ​is the term we can suggest when our body holds excessive water and causes bloating or puffiness especially in some significant body parts like Abdominal, legs, and arms. 

Causes of water weight 

Water weight has various reasons to replicate in your body. In the course of the 21st century, the growth of consuming so much junk food can be the primary reason to build water weight in the body. The more junk food means the more sodium in it and of course sodium holds the water in your body. Other reasons include an increase in carbohydrate intake, too much dehydration, etc 

How water weight occurs

Water weight actually builds up in two conditions : 

  1. When your body is in extreme conditions of water retention meaning your body is lacking water which we call “dehydration”. 
  2. When your body holds too much water which we call as Edema or fluid retention.  

So, in both of the cases, the end result is an increase in water weight while the causes are different.  When your body is holding too much water it actually expands the veins resulting in an increase in blood pressure levels also adding pressure on the capillaries. Other reasons include :

  • A sudden change in cabin pressure in flight. 
  •  Change in hormone patterns and menstrual cycle
  • Some medications also cause water retention like antidepressants, chemotherapy medications, blood pressure medications, etc.
  • A weak heart is also an additional cause of water retention.

Side effects of increased water weight in the body

● Water retention causes bloating and stomach aches. It also causes puffiness in various body parts.  

● An increase in blood pressure can be seen when the body holds too much water.  

● It can create severe headaches even up to migraines.  

● It disturbs the normal function on kidneys and causes kidney abnormalities 

● When water weight increases, load on joints also increases making the joints stiff.  

● It causes weight fluctuation.  

● It causes muscle soreness for a longer period of time. 

How to fix water weight

  1. Drink plenty of water. Water helps to get rid of extra water. Sounds weird right!! But that is how it works. Remember not to dehydrate yourself.  
  2. Reduce sodium intake per day. Try to avoid as much junk Or processed food as possible. An average human needs 2.2gm of sodium per day.  
  3. Reducing carbohydrate intake also causes a cease in water retention.  
  4. Exercise daily and follow a good diet. Exercise and good nutrition with a good amount of protein can remove extra cravings for processed or junk foods.  

The Conclusion

A busy and hectic life often offers disruption in a healthy lifestyle. People often tend to eat ready-made foods when they are in a hurry.

Junk foods and processed foods are a serious pathway to bring all abdominal and heart diseases. In short, try to have a healthy lifestyle as much as possible with one or two chill-outs per week won’t have that much negative effect.

Try to have 3-4 days/week of exercise in your daily life whether maybe it’s some yoga, running, or any other exercise.