Protein: Is the more the better?

“Protein, Protein, Protein”.The day we start going to the gym is the day we think of protein powders, amino acids, BCAA, etc. This is because the biggest guy in the gym is sipping some sort of drink after his workout and you think this is what will make your muscles grow.

To an extent,  it’s true because protein builds muscle but what is the exact amount of protein we need?  Obviously the more won’t help you too much and too less won’t let you anywhere.

Maybe you are eating boiled chicken 4 times a day, gulped ½ a protein tub. But your body will only synthesize a certain amount of protein if you are a natural bodybuilder.

My whole discussion is for those who are willing to be natural all the way. So if you are a roided reading this, try to gain some idea about how much a body naturally can absorb protein and trust me it’s not that much.

So thank me later if you want to because this post will save your money which you are spending on all those nonsense products.

Here I am going to put some studies on how much protein you literally need for the body to build muscle mass and also for losing fat.

A total of 49 studies were done with 1863 participants showed that dietary  supplementation of protein (all p<0.5) when increased (95% Cl) in: strength -one  repetition- maximum (2.49kg(0.64,4.33)),FFM (0.30kg(0.09,0.52)) and muscle size-  muscle fibre cross-sectional area ((CSA;310Δm^2(51,570)) and mid-femur  (CSA;7.2 mm^2(0.20,14.30)) during periods of prolonged RET.The impact of  Protein supplementation on gains in FFM was reduced with increasing age (-0.01  kg(-0.02,-0.00),p= 0.002)) and was more effective in resistance based trained  individual (0.75kg(0.09,1.40),p=0.003)).Protein supplementation beyond total 
protein intakes of 1.62g/kg/day resulted in no effect on muscle building and an increase in protein synthesis. 

If you didn’t understand what just happened in the above study, in short, more than 1.6g/kg/day of protein intake didn’t alter the muscle hypertrophy over a  period of 8 weeks.

Suppose your weight is 60 kg, so the total protein intake of your body will be 96g daily. However, for a higher-end, you can take up to 120 g if your muscle gaining has stopped over a certain period of time. 

What will happen if we go higher than that?

A study of 15 men with low carb and a protein dosing as high as 3gm/kg/day for 8 week period shows no health effects and gain in a little amount of fat.

Many more studies like these reveal no signs of kidney dysfunction and fat accumulation. However, these studies are all done on healthy individuals. 

However, research claims that those who have already existing kidney problems should take a  minimum dosage of protein for the long term.

So the myths of more protein are equal to kidney damage and fat accumulation needs way more evidence.

Another claim on Protein is that too much protein absorbs calcium from bones and makes them weak. This is due to the fact that as protein is all made of amino acids and bones are made of calcium which is a buffer, the acid tries to absorb the calcium.

However, most of the protein we take from whole foods has phosphates in it which neglects the absorption of calcium. This process is complex, however.

So the final answer is as long as you are a healthy individual with no pre-existing kidney problems, you can go higher dosing of protein which is again useless as the body can absorb the specific amount of protein. The rest leaves from the body as Urea through the kidneys. 

The Conclusion

Nowadays no one cares for your health, it’s only you who have to care. If you are under the illusion that the companies are making protein, which is beneficial to health. So, you better be aware of it.

They can spike aminos, add sugars to your protein powder. So if you want to save money, try to go through real foods.

Until and unless you have a hectic job or are busy all day, you can at least prepare your meals having a good source of protein. All you need is  0.8-1gm/lb of bodyweight of protein in your diet. The more is not harmful but also of no use.