9 ways to lose fat fast – Steps for a healthy lifestyle

9 ways to lose your fat fast


With the growing risk of diseases like Obesity and Cardiovascular failure, people are getting more concerned about their health and deliberately trying to change their habits, lose their fat fast, and are progressively switching to better healthy options such as calorie deficit, cardio, intermittent fasting and many more. At initial, it will be very difficult to underline every aspect of your healthy switching. Here are some of my recommendations to ease your fat loss journey. 

1. Set a clear and achievable goal:

When I started working out 5 years ago, I was a skinny guy and my weight was about 50kg as far as I could remember. I started working out and I was eating like a binge eater, consuming whatever I see. I quickly gained weight to about 75kg and now what I became a chubby with extra layers of fat around my belly.

Why did this happen? Of course, I didn’t have any clear goals. Visualize your goal about how much you want to lose fat and then set them weekly or monthly.

2. Count your calories to lose weight faster: 

I call this step as a masterstroke of a fat loss program. With clear visuals of what you are eating in a day and a log of how much to eat u can easily progress further. There are apps like ” My fitness pal” and ‘HealthifyMe” which you can download from app stores will help you to count how much you eat and even how much you burnt every day.

3. Make your diet flexible rather than strict:

“Hey should I have to eat a boiled vegetable, boiled chicken? “is the question I get often. In my 5 years of training, I never had strict diets for fat loss. All I did follow was a flexible diet where I can enjoy my life as well as my fitness journey. On weekends I had burgers, fries and all that I want. You just have to be within your limits. That’s all! 

4. Be in a calorie deficit: 

Calorie deficit, as the name suggests, to eat less than you burn. So the question comes how much is the deficit. I, here noted a simple calculation to give you a clear idea.

Suppose a 130  pound person wants to lose 1 pound of fat. What he will do is, first and foremost he will calculate his maintenance calories (the calories needed by the body to maintain his current weight) for a  130-pound person, his maintenance calories are 2300 calories.

Now to lose fat, he is in a deficit of  500 calories every day for 1 week which is a total of (500 calories × 7 days) = 3500 calories which is equal to 1 pound. So he lost 1 pound of weight. With this simple yet effective way, you can  find out your maintenance calories and then deficit yourself according to your goals for a  certain period of time

5. Prioritize protein in your diet :

Rather than following a zero carbohydrates diet, or a keto diet which is quite infamous now, I  suggest you follow a simple low to moderate carb diet where protein will be high and fats will be moderate.

The recommendation of protein to be high is because we will make sure that no muscle loss occurs over a certain period of time as we are mainly focusing on fat loss, not on complete weight loss. People often confuse these two which are completely different from each other.

I highly recommend that a person who is training hard, the protein intake should range anywhere between 1-1.2gm/lbs of body weight. That means for a 130 lbs person, he/she should consume around 130-156 grams of protein.

6. Don’t eliminate carbs and fats from the diet :

With so much information on the internet, people often go too crazy about eliminating carbs and essential fats from their diets, hence relying on protein solely. For fat loss you can limit your carbs according to your body fat and body weight, eliminating carbs is not a smart move.

I  don’t suggest any of my clients to go on a zero carb diet. Carbohydrates provide energy and hence it helps in the proper functioning of the brain. Fats are also essential for insulating the body and also helps in hormonal balance.

7. Keep a journal and daily progress of training : 

Keeping a chart of training day today will help you to give an idea of your progression in the gym. Most guys go to the gym and do what others are doing, not following a proper program.  This will not make you go anywhere.

I keep proper notes of my training routine, reps, sets, etc.  This gives me motivation and a sense of progression in my mind. Elite bodybuilders like Arnold  Schwarzenegger, Dorian Yates when interviewed said that they kept a proper journal of their day to day progression

8. Use cardio as a tool : 

Engaging cardio 2-3 days will increase the process of fat loss. But solely relying on cardio again is not a smart decision as too much cardio will trigger your cortisol level for an acute period of time. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone that helps in muscle breakdown. This will shrink your muscle size and your strength will decrease.

A 10-15 min of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) 2-3 times a day will accelerate your fat loss. Keep in mind that a rigid weight session is more important than a cardio session. 

9. Be consistent and disciplined :

“Every great achievement takes time” is a phrase that helps me to stay consistent in my activities whether it’s in the gym or outside the gym.

People want to see results overnight whether it is a six-pack or big biceps. The fact is whether fat loss or muscle building, it takes months and even years. All those big bodybuilders or fitness models which you are seeing are not the results of overnight.

Hard work, discipline, patience, confidence are the keys to unlock the doors of success. Keep in mind ” Fitness is a marathon, not a sprint”.Whatever you are striving for will eventually be yours, just be consistent and have patience.