6 Supplements to Aid your Fat Loss and Muscle Building

With the growing trend for fitness, the supplement market has also become a multi-billion dollar industry. The supplement popularity can be mostly seen in young boys, who just joined a  gym or maybe a regular buddy who is finding it hard to get the results.

It has become such a  creepy thought that pops out of everyone’s mind that to build muscle or to lose fat you need pills or supplements. You may call it a lack of knowledge or maybe so-called “fitness guru’s mantra” to sell their products. Whatever, the reason is, people should at least have knowledge of what supplements are worthy and what is just a waste of capital.  

Here are my favorite choices for supplements that helped me whether in fat loss or muscle building. I am not telling you that it’s mandatory. It worked for me and that’s why I am sharing my personal experience.  

​1. Whey​ ​Protein​ : 

Whey Protein is famous among fitness enthusiasts. All you see in the gym after finishing a  workout session, most of the guys gulping some sort of liquid. Well, that’s Whey Protein!!! Whey is nothing but a by-product of milk and is considered a fast-digesting among all forms of protein. This is due to the fact that it has higher bioavailability followed by other sources.

Whey protein helps in the growth of lean muscle mass which is why it also aids in fat loss. Note that if you are already having a high protein diet, then whey protein is actually of no use. It can be used as a requirement to fulfill your protein requirements for the day.  

2. Creatine Monohydrate : 

Ok, seriously this is my all-time favorite supplement whether I am cutting down my body fat or putting on some mass. This is the most heavily researched supplement in any sort of fitness. But I prefer to take it in a fat loss phase rather than a muscle-building phase.

The reason is when you are in a fat loss phase you are restricting calories by cutting down carbohydrates, as a result, your energy to lift heavy diminishes. When you supplement with Creatine Monohydrate, it helps to form ATP ( Adenosine Tri – Phosphate), which is the main unit of energy. That being said, the more energy, the more you can lift.

However, there is a myth about Creatine  Monohydrate which is it causes “water retention ” in the body. Well, that’s not true to an extent.  The water that is stored is inside the muscle cells ( intramuscular) which are also known as ” ​Cell  Volumization ” ​. This helps the muscle to swell and this makes it look bigger. This is actually a  good sign.  

3. Fish Oil :

Fish oil is an important supplement that contains ​EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) ​. Fish oil has  EPA ​and ​DHA ​which helps to reduce the triglyceride levels in our blood and also helps in keeping good heart health.

In a study of ​Nine ​healthy men and women by Washington  University, the researchers gave 4 grams of fish oil for a period to examine the impact on muscle protein synthesis​. They found out that omega 3’s increase the subject’s muscle-building response to Amino acids and Insulin by 30%, which are released during a workout.

Fish oil also reduces ​DOMS ( Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) ​and fatigue after exercise. So, the conclusion is yes!a fish oil supplement is necessary whether you are on fat loss or muscle building.

4. Multivitamin :

You stacked with whey, creatine fish oil but you forgot the minor but most vital nutrient for your body – Yes! A multivitamin. Vitamins and minerals are very important for functioning the body properly especially when you are cutting down calories.

I generally take at least 2 tablets during my fat loss phase. This is due to the fact that when cutting down calories you are actually missing some vitamins and minerals from your diet which causes your body to be lethargic and tired.

Vitamins and minerals provide you energy and improve your mood.  Vitamins also control the cellular reaction inside the body and help to convert food into energy. 

5. Vitamin D3 : 

My mom used to say in my childhood ” Go out and get some sunlight, you will become healthy  “, I, on the other hand, thought that what was she saying, how can anyone be healthy by getting sunlight. Well, she was right at that point. Vitamin D3 is not actually a vitamin but a prohormone that is required to absorb calcium from the gut into the bloodstream.

Sunlight has Vitamin D3 which helps in boosting immunity and helps in metabolism. For a dark skin guy to get enough vitamin D3 from sunlight, he/she has to get exposure for about 35-40 minutes whereas for a slightly fair skin guy, he/she needs 20-25 minutes of exposure to sunlight.  However, it all depends on the pigments of skin and it’s absorption capacity.

The supplementation comes when you didn’t get enough time or exposure to get that much sunlight, generally, people living in cold countries. A good dosage of 2000-6000 IU is what a fit guy needs whether his aim is for muscle building or fat loss. Vitamin D3 is proven for increasing lean muscle mass when taken in proper timing. Though it’s not clear but Vitamin D3 may increase the levels of testosterone which is an anabolic hormone.  

6. Caffeine : 

Caffeine doesn’t build muscle nor does it directly help in fat loss. However, some claim that caffeine has fat-burning properties. What is science-backed is that caffeine helps in enhancing performance in the gym as well as an outside gym. As a stimulant, it also helps in lowering type 2  diabetes and increases the cognitive function of the brain. However, if you are taking caffeine at a  moderate dose every day, your body will have an adaptation to it which is known as Caffeine tolerance.

So either you have to increase the dosage and if you are already taking in high dosage you have to lower the dosage or have to change the routine maybe on alternative days. I  generally take caffeine when I am tired and exhausted and yet to have hit a gym session 15-20  minutes prior.

The Final Touchdown:

All of the above supplements will show you results only if your diet and exercise routine is locked down properly. I am not convincing you to take all these. But I am telling you that this worked for me and maybe you can try on your own. Remember genetics is what matters, for some all of these may work and for some, it may not. However, knowing your genetic potential is  important. You can try these and let me know on the ” Comment ” section and provide your valuable feedback.